Miss Sami


Sami Khedira is one of those hard-workers that goes unnoticed. He runs back and forth and there is no stopping. One of the players that has played the most minutes, a horse. He is key for Low’s tactics, he was key for Mourinho – who even tried to sign him after his departure, and now he is key for Ancelotti. Three geniuses of the jogo bonito can’t get it wrong despite the unfair criticism from the media.

Sami Khedira is out for six months in what would seem to be the best case scenario. Injuries are not to mess around with. Only this past summer were we told that Xabi would be out for 4 months which seemed endlessly and ended up being 7. His participation in the next World Cup is in danger but a fighter will not give up.

It was just a silly friendly. Another tackle of…

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